Tin Bread / Toast Lines

Tin bread lines are a good example of high-quality equipment integrated into highly efficient lines. All Kaak Group members – Benier, DrieM, Kaak FPS, Daub, MCS, Multiparts, Lhotellier and Kaak Bakeware – can contribute to this most classic of all industrial bakery lines.

Depending on the line capacity, ranging between approximately 2,000 and 10,000 products per hour, the line is designed completely according to customer specifications.

After dough preparation by either Benier or DrieM, the straps with the dough pieces are fed into the Kaak FPS Multi-Step proofer. For toast production, the straps are automatically equipped with a lid after leaving the final proofer.Your Products Tin Bread-1200

Either the Daub thermal-oil oven or an MCS cyclotherm oven can be used for baking. After baking, automatic de-lidding is done in a toast line, after which the de-panning takes place.

The baked products are cooled and the empty pans return through the pan cooling tunnel to the dough positioning. The Kaak FPS Pan Storage takes care of automatic pan exchange when other bread types must be produced.

The baking quality, reliability and efficiency of these Kaak Group production lines meet the highest global standards.