Rolls / Buns Lines

Rolls and buns can be found worldwide, in a wide variety of shapes and tastes.
“A bun is normally made from dough that has been ‘enriched’ with sugar and butter and sometimes even egg. Without any of these, the dough remains a ‘bread dough’ rather than ‘bun dough’ and the resultant product will be called a roll rather than a bun” (Wikipedia).

With the DrieM d’Artagnan artisanal bread sheeting line, nearly any size of rolled bun, as well as all sorts of cut products, can be produced using the unique dough sheeting technology.Your Products small bread artisanal mix-1200

After proofing in the Kaak FPS Multi-Step Final Proofer, the dough pieces can be decorated (seeding or decorative cutting). Depending on the type of product and the desired look and feel, there are many alternatives for baking. Both Daub and MCS offer baking on stone for a more artisanal product.