Freestanding Bread Lines

The characteristic of a freestanding bread line is the lack of pan conveyors. “Freestanding” means “not baked in pans but on top of the conveyor belt or peel board”. For the production of freestanding bread, the Kaak Group offers 4 different line concepts.

Peelboard Line

For products with a high water level, the dough pieces can be put on peel boards. Also, when a high level of flexibility is required (many different products, many different bread sizes) the use of peel boards is a perfect solution. After dough depositing, the boards are transported through the Kaak FPS Multi-Step final proofer, along the decoration area to the oven infeed. There, the products are “scrabbled” off the peel boards and put on top of the oven belt. Various solutions are available for baking. The empty peel boards are cleaned and transported back to the dough positioning area.Your Products freestanding artisan-1200


Directly on belt

When the variety of product types is minimal and the water level in the dough is relatively low, the dough can be deposited directly on the belt. The hygienic design and easy access of Kaak Group equipment contribute to avoiding contamination. For proofing, baking and cooling, various alternatives are available, depending on the customer’s needs.


Swing-Tray proofer

The oval or cylindrical dough pieces are loaded into proofing baskets, which are connected to a chain system that moves through the proofing cabinet during the entire process time. After proofing, the dough pieces are deposited onto a conveyor belt on which flouring, seeding and cutting can take place. Various alternatives are available for baking and cooling, depending on the customer’s needs.Your Products freestanding artisan mix-1200


Multi-Click proofer

For wide variations in product types, the Swing-Tray proofer may not be the right solution. Here, the Kaak FPS Multi-Click concept is the perfect answer. The basis of the system is a square carrier tube with baskets attached to it on all four sides. The length of the tube (=Multi-Click carrier) is the same as the width of the oven. Each of the four sides of the square tube carries a different shape of basket. Depending on the bread type, one of the basket shapes is turned upwards to carry the dough. Between the proofer and the oven, a Multi-Click Manipulator will pick up each carrier and gently turn over the baskets to deposit the dough onto the oven infeed belt.