Ciabatta Lines

In response to the popularity of French baguettes, the ciabatta was created in 1982 by a baker in Adria, Veneto (Italy). Ciabatta consists of a soft, wet dough made with high-gluten flour. The high water content requires a specific production process, with sheeted dough make-up on peel boards.

The DrieM artisanal sheeting line provides stress-free dough make-up by means of the patented “Dough DrieMer”.Your Products ciabatta-1200 This part of the make-up line forms a continuous dough sheet from the dough slabs coming from the guiding rollers. The speeds of the 3 pairs of rollers, which are mounted above each other in pairs, are individually adjustable. The dough pieces are put on peel boards for proofing in one of the various Kaak FPS proofing systems. Baking can then take place on stone in the Daub Multi-Deck oven or in the MCS tunnel oven, to obtain the rustic, artisanal Ciabatta look.

With a minimal manning level, this industrial baking line provides baking quality, reliability and efficiency and meets the highest global standards.