Baguette Lines

These days, one can distinguish two main types of baguette: the classic baguette (baked on trays) and the artisanal baguette, which is in fact part of the artisanal bread group. The Kaak Group offers solutions for both types of baguette.

Your Products baguettes-1200

Classic baguette

For the classic baguette, a high-speed industrial baguette line based on Kaak’s Multi-Step concept, combines high capacity with top quality products. The manning level of this industrial production line is minimal, and is limited to an operator in the dough make-up area.


Artisan baguette

For the production of artisanal baguettes, with their rustic appearance and open structure, the Kaak Group offers various Your Products baguette artisan 2-1200solutions. Dough make-up is available in both the Benier (Flexibread) and DrieM (Artisanal sheeting) lines. Baking on stone contributes to the look and feel of the artisanal baguette, for which the Daub Multi-Deck oven and the MCS tunnel oven are available. For proofing, handling and cooling/freezing, Kaak FPS offers the best possible solution.