Artisanal Bread Lines

Artisanal bread is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. Its handmade look and open structure makes artisanal bread a product with high added value.

At the beginning of this century, bakers and suppliers frequently debated whether or not artisanal bread production could be automated. Nowadays, industrial bakers worldwide have proven that industrial production of high quality artisanal products can be achieved quite well with a Kaak Group artisanal production line. In fact, the total control of time, temperature and moisture levels results in final product quality that can easily compete with traditional manual production.Your Products freestanding artisan mix-1200

The Benier artisanal line and the DrieM sheeting line both guarantee stress-free dough makeup. Artisanal bread is typically baked on the oven’s stone hearth. In an industrial production line, this hearth-baking can also be achieved in the Daub Multi-Deck Stone Oven, as well as in the MCS Bakemaster tunnel oven.

During all processes, the products are carried by belts. To produce “frozen dough” there is a by-pass conveyor belt from the final proofer to the freezer. The Kaak Group artisanal line concepts offer optimal flexibility for proofing, baking, cooling and freezing times.