Health and Safety

Kaak Group UK Health and Safety Project Assessment Guide. The following provides a guide to creating a Project Health and Safety Assessment (PHSA).

Personnel undertaking a PHSA should have acquired the following

  • An understanding of the tasks and tools required to complete the project.
  • A familiarity with Construction Design Management Health and Safety reporting requirements
  • A completed Kaak Group UK self-assessment to Supervising Engineers Grade.

The objective of the PHSA is to generate a Health and Safety project file/folder which is able to support all the HS requirements of the Job/Tasks undertaken.

1. Generating a project number.

Take a standard Kaak Group UK Work sheet.
Fill in the upper sections of the worksheet in the usual manner and leave the report section blank. Inserting the words <Project Health and Safety Assessment> in the Job Description.

Take the Worksheet Report number as the PHSA reference number. (let’s imagine its 01010)

Log the hours required to make the PHSA as if they were the same as any other job.

Upon completion of the PHSA sign and obtain co signatures (on the worksheet) in the usual manner and submit it to order processing as per any other worksheet.

2. Creating the file/folder.

Create a folder with the name PHSA <number> (PHSA01010).

Now access the file entitled Project HS Assessment Form. (It’s a Word Template linked above in the document section). This is the assessments Master document. Upon completion, all other documents will be referred to from this document and any special considerations or method statements will be contained within this document.

Save as PHSA<number> (to give it a new name) in the above folder and start to fill in the form fields as requested. The form carries help tags for each of its fields.

As you build the form you will note that other generic files will be required to be attached (placed into) the folder.

These are either in Word or Adobe formats.

Adobe format files are fixed and do not require modification and may be simply copied to the project folder with their original names. It is normally only necessary to copy files from the Document sections as outlined on the Index page. Supporting data from the Notes sections are for your information however if you wish to show that this or that practice/procedure is required and the Notes assist then by all means copy that supporting data which relevant and appropriate also.

Word format files are generally forms and are required to be filled out and saved with new names bearing the Project Number. The most important example of this type of file is the Project Risk Assessment Form. Which when completed should be saved in the project folder as PRA<number>. (PRA01010).

Ensure that all documents copied into the PHSA folder are listed in the appropriate place in the PHSA Master document.
If able and if saving to a mobile memory (CD or Memory Stick) then the assessor may embed links into the PHSA such that subsequent readers can easily scan from document to document. However, the whole folder is to be finally produced in hard copy (printed) then this is not essential.

3. Filling in the PHSA Master Document.

The Document follows guidelines laid down by the HSE (see notes) and the Construction Design Management Procedures for Health & Safety reporting.

Be careful not to confuse the requirements of Description of Works, Risk Assessment and Method Statements.