Customer First Team



Our Service and Spares commitment to our UK customer


Customer First Team

The Customer First Team is a service team for Kaak Group UK customers. Within our Customer First Team, we recognize that the best way we can support our customers is by providing the highest quality of service alongside market-leading equipment.
For us, support is about more than understanding the equipment needs of our clients and communicating that to our supplier; it is about doing everything to ensure that our customer’s needs are met in a way that exceeds expectations. Kaak Service offers cost-effective business solutions that help simplify the maintenance of your bakery to save you time and money.



Kaak Group UK Local service office

Kaak Group UK is your local Sales and Service Office for all of the Kaak Group equipment purchased in your country. We provide you with easy access to spare parts, service, consumables and more to keep your bakery running. We also provide an extensive customer portal for your spare parts, service and consumables to ensuring that you get the support you need.

  • Kaak Group Service Portal for all your spare parts
  • Service inspections, breakdowns, repairs, machine rebuilds and much more
  • Project Management
  • Complete equipment Installations
  • Engineer & Operative Training
  • Extended warranties
  • 24/7 Help Desk in the event of an emergency breakdown

Kaak Group UK is part of the overall coordinating service company of the Kaak Group Service. Enabling services such as an e-commerce platform for spare parts and consumables.


Your e-commerce platform

You have quick and easy access to the list of spare parts for your specific Kaak Group equipment; all your spare parts are available through our Kaak Group Service Portal, the e-commerce platform of Kaak Group UK.



Inspection visits

During the warranty period

  • Kaak Group UK will perform warranty inspection visits to ensure the equipment is, and will, remain in proper working conditions.
  • Inspection visits can be planned in mutual consultation directly between Kaak Group UK and the customer.
  • The scope of the inspection is to inspect the quality of the maintenance and operational works performed by the customer, not the maintenance to the equipment itself.
  • After the periodic inspections, Kaak Group UK will issue an inspection report with necessary recommendations for maintenance and operation personnel to keep the condition of the equipment in correct order.
  • Your co-ordinating party for the Kaak Group warranty inspections is Kaak Group UK.

After the warranty period

Kaak Group recommends performing regular inspections to allow for the best possible continuing performance of the equipment. Kaak Group UK can arrange inspections for your installation in the post-guarantee period, providing you with:

  • One agreement for all your Kaak Group equipment
  • One inspection date
  • One invoice



Our Help Desk

In the unlikely event that your equipment breaks down and you need immediate assistance, Kaak Group UK’s 24/7 helpdesk is there to assist you. You can call us in case of emergency at + 44 (0) 1908 312 333 . We have the required electrical and mechanical knowledge and can arrange remote access, if required, to diagnose and troubleshoot, regardless of the location.