Benier Allround


The Benier Allround makes it all-around; from stiff pizza dough to long prefermented, high hydrated, soft artisan dough.
Our conical rounders are suitable for a wide variety of dough consistencies and weight ranges. The design ensures smooth operation and an even round-shaped dough ball. Allround: it’s in the name.



Product information Allround:

  • The lightweight construction reduces wear
  • The tracks and cone have been treated with an improved multi-layer Teflon coating
  • The sealing between the cone and track reduces dough damage, chipping and prevents cone damage
  • The shape of the rounding track allows for a soft touch rounding performance
  • The dough pieces reposition several times in the tracks to improve rounding
  • Many options are possible, such as an outfeed conveyor, oil spraying or water dripping, special synthetic grooves for better grip, fans or a ring pipe, etc.
  • Benier service box: complete with instruction videos to support you with installation, operation, maintenance and cleaning for a longer lifespan of your machine.

Key Features

  • A seal between cone and tracks
  • wide product range
  • adjustable tracks
  • Benier service box

Brochure: Benier brochure Rounders