The retarder proofer is a cabinet with a controlled and adjustable temperature and relative humidity. During the final stage of the cycle, it transforms from a cold storage room to a heated cabinet to encourage proving. Fermented goods can be retarded and stored overnight or through the weekend, automatically proving the product ready for baking at a pre-set time.


The retarder controls and optimizes the leavening process with precision, without compromising hygiene and quality, producing improved aroma and fragrance compared to foods subjected to the traditional, natural leavening process.
Retarder-proofers have greater temperature control and overcome the problems of moisture control from proofers alone.


Benier First Proofer BP

First Proofer BP by Benier

With the First Proofer BP you can give your dough time to develop. This results in a better end product.

Benier offers special models of first proofers to suit small and medium size bakeries. Within the design of the First Proofer BP, we have integrated several features to increase access for cleaning and maintenance. Furthermore, flexibility in first proofing is recognised as an important asset to the modern baker. Together with a number of clever options, we can provide a complete and revolutionary range of first proofers.


Brochure: Benier brochure Proofer BP


Roll-in Racks retarder proofer

Roll in racks retarder prover

Available for single or multiple racks which can be loaded either end or side on as required. This proofer is available in either Standard or Deluxe version depending upon your requirements. Full specification can be found in the brochure.



Brochure: Roll in racks retarder proofer


Retarder proofer cabinet

retarder prover cabinet



The cabinet proofer is used to load trays directly and comes in a variety of capacities including a split cabinet to allow the proving of two different products.



Brochure: Retarder proofer cabinet


Kit Retarder proofers

kit retarderproofers



If you have an existing cabinet that needs upgrading, we can supply a full kit to completely upgrade the cabinet to increase its effectiveness and save the cost of a new cabinet.


Brochure:  Kit Retarder proofers






If no retardation is required, then we have an excellent range of provers to match your precise needs. We have solutions for Roll-in-Racks, trays and we also have kits to upgrade existing chambers if you wish.


Brochure: Proofers


Kit Proofers

kit proofers






Brochures: Kit Proofers