By forming exclusive Partnerships with suppliers from both inside and outside the Kaak Group who share in our business philosophy of providing the highest quality equipment, at competitive prices combined with excellent after-sales service, our Craft Bakery Division can exceed the expectations of all our customers in every area.

Below is just a selection of the ovens we offer. We would be delighted to visit you in person to discuss all your requirements and finding together with you the best solution for your business.



Rack Ovens



PERFECT BAKING, the rotary oven Rotovent, available in the electric version or with gas combustion, has been designed to guarantee the best baking results with the least use of space. Extremely small and compact, this oven has also been designed for bread and pastry makers with limited space. Convection baking by means of three high-capacity fans distributed along the entire height of the baking chamber to provide perfect baking over the whole trolley. The rotating trolley ensures a uniformly baked product. The rotation system employs an upper hook or, on request, a turntable for the 665 and 68 models

The rotating trolley guarantees perfectly-distributed and homogeneous baking. The ROTOVENT oven is the perfect marriage of high-level productivity and production flexibility. Extremely small and compact, this oven has also been designed for bread and pastry makers with limited production space.


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rotorThe Rotor rotary oven is the result of attentive, avant-garde technology which brings together practicality of use and minimum energy consumption. Available in gas, fuel oil or electrically powered versions, it is a versatile and robust oven to meet all needs.

Baking is brought about by the circulation of clean air, conveyed and distributed in the chamber via adjustable conduits. Inside the baking chamber, the bottom to top direction of the air flow in heat exchanger outlet heats up the bottom of the baking pans, flowing over the product to ensure optimum baking with a perfectly baked bottom.

In the Combustion version, the large surface area heat exchanger exploits the horizontal airflow in counter currents and positive pressure to the fumes. The air passes through a large number of pipes accumulating heat. The combusted gases are conveyed vertically beyond the combustion cylinder in three rounds to maximize performance. The burner and the fan installed at the back of the oven are easily accessible to facilitate maintenance operations.

In the ELECTRIC version, the resistance elements of the heat exchanger, as well as having a large heat exchanging surface area, also have fans to increase the radiating surface and increase efficiency. The resistance elements are inserted from above to make replacement and maintenance operations quick and easy. Cascade steam generators to produce large amounts of steam. The steam generator, positioned on the back wall of the baking chamber, in contact with the heat exchanger, is made up of individual cast iron elements for maximum heat accumulation and an unlimited service life. The steam generator can easily be taken out to perform extraordinary maintenance procedures.

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Deck Ovens



Termik is the new forced air oven. Starting from the combustion chamber, the air is forced by one or two fans (series 180 features 2 fans) through the flanked duct radiators achieving a perfectly balanced chamber temperature: from the bottom to the door. Result: extremely low consumption, perfect baking quality and excellent work ergonomics.

Thanks to an efficient and high-performance heat exchanger and ideal air distribution, the temperature inside the baking chamber is extremely precise and gentle for perfect baking of all oven-baked products, even the most delicate.

It possible to operate with two different temperatures at the same time, guaranteeing excellent production flexibility (bake bread and cakes simultaneously). The two upper oven chambers can be adjusted up to 50° lower than the lower chambers. With the Dublo system, a digital thermo-regulator is installed to control the temperature in the top chambers.

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The Tronik electric oven unique in the category for its technological innovations, its operative advantages, and its energy saving. In addition to perfect baking, this oven combines advantages such as user flexibility, clean energy, easy installation and above all it is economy of power consumption. Every baking chamber has independent on/off and separate temperature.

The exclusively designed armoured resistance elements installed directly inside the baking chamber, both at the top and bottom, are positioned 5 cm apart creating a greater heating surface area to guarantee uniform baking. The heat is released uniformly throughout the baking chamber and bakes the product delicately without being over aggressive. Furthermore, the special enhanced resistance elements sized accordingly, make it possible to compensate for the natural dispersion of heat which is created in this area without the need for additional resistance elements which cause temperature instability and lead to higher consumption.

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Modular Ovens



The Modular oven, made in various models and sizes, can be fully assembled to meet your personal production needs and fit in the space available. Each chamber is a separate module incorporating all the technology of Tagliavini electric ovens. The doors open upwards to facilitate oven loading and unloading operations. The armoured resistance elements installed in both the ceiling and floor of the baking chambers are spaced at 5 cm intervals and are specially enhanced at the oven mouth to guarantee a large, uniform heating surface throughout the chamber. Each module can be fitted with a steam generator with a large exchange surface which makes it particularly powerful or a single steamer “mini” designed to supply all the chambers which can easily be fitted even to ovens which have already been installed. The chamber block can be positioned on a support base with wheels or on a proofing cell on wheels.

The Modular oven can be fitted with its own integral Proving Chamber on wheels The cell, made entirely from steel, is lit up on the inside by two halogen lamps and is fitted with a heating, ventilation and humidity control system. The forced ventilation inside the cell guarantees better heat and humidity distribution over all the product. The standard serigraphic glass doors with ergonomic safety handles can be opened through 180° to avoid creating any hindrances in front of the oven during loading and unloading operations.

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The Tagliavini COMPLEX range offers the perfect combination between shelf and convection baking and has the advantage of requiring less space, with the utmost versatility in baking and a single combined exhaust system.

The numerous combination available are capable of tackling the complete spectrum of production needs, which is why these ovens are so frequently used in a variety of settings such as supermarkets, hot food counters, sandwich and focaccia bars, where peaks in production quite often occur at particular times of the day.Thanks to the straightforward nature of their controls, these ovens can also be easily operated by unqualified personnel.

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