Moulding equipment helps define the shape and structure of your product. The moulding and shaping process is extremely important for the appearance of your final product. Shape and structure are quality definers, that is why Benier equips its moulders with the unique drum sheeting principle in order to get the quality products you desire.

Below is just a selection of the moulders we offer. We would be delighted to visit you in person to discuss all your requirements and finding together with you the best solution for your business.


Benier Moulder MS500

Moulder MS500 The MS500 is designed for dough consistencies that have to be degassed for a fine regular internal crumb structure. Therefore, Benier uses the unique drum sheeting principle. Because of this the dough sheet stays central, hardly shrinks and can be stretched when it releases from the drum. The Teflon sheeting roller is spring activated. This reduces the thickness of the seam and gives a better presentation.


Brochure:Benier brochure MS500