Blast Freezer small and large capacities




Our range of Blast Freezers is extensive and covers all the requirements of the Craft Bakery and just like with the Retarder Provers and Provers, we offer a Kit to re-use your existing chamber should it be in a great condition.



Brochure: Blast freezer small capacities
Brochure: Blast freezers big capacities
Brochure: Kit Blast freezers


Deep freezers preservers





We offer a range of half door deep freezers with a variety of capacities to meet your needs.


Brochure: Deep freezers preservers


Cold Positive (fridges)






Our range of fridges can be found on the brochures below, we have a full range of Cabinet and Tunnel options.



Brochure: Cold positive
Brochure: Cold positive for dough in basket