Kaak Multiparts manufactures off the shelf solutions to meet the needs of every Bakery.


Multiparts is your reliable partner for high-quality conveyor systems with a hygienic design. Our conveyor systems have proven their worth in the bakery industry for more than 50 years. With our plastic modular conveyor belts – our well-known Multi-Way series – we were the first company to introduce such a solution in the bakery industry. Our solutions can be found in many Bakeries across the world from small straight conveyors to complex solutions.       


Multiparts specialises in the delivery of standard conveyor systems, which can be ordered directly from our conveyor catalogue. We can supply you with single conveyors or with complete lines built from these standards components. Delivery times depend on quantity and complexity, but single conveyors can be delivered within 1 working week.


Kaak Group UK

Kaak Group UK can supply every possible type of conveyor at highly competitive prices with very short delivery times.




Please contact our after-sales department

Simon Martin    +44 (0) 794 460 8713


Conveyor specials                                      Bakery specials
Curves for every conveyor type                Flour dusters
90-degree transfers                                      Seed strewers
Horizontal & vertical switches                   Index conveyors
Diverts                                                               Strewing conveyors


Brochure: Multiparts

Brochure: Multiparts, the new standard for delivery times