Bakery Support Worldwide provides you easy access to over 30,000 spare parts, service, consumables and more to keep your bakery running.






Order your products in four different ways..


1. The Search bar

Use the product code, colour or category to find the item and use advanced filters to narrow down your search.


2. Product categories

Do you want to have an overview of the available bearings, belts, etc.? Select the relevant category and find all available products.


3. ‘ My Spare Parts’

(Available for new machines only. Please enquire for further details).
My Spare Parts’ shows you where specific parts for your equipment. Each piece of equipment has a unique numerical identifier (e.g. Position number 201 / Machine number 22356A), that can be found on the machine serial plate or layout drawing of your installation.


4. Quick ordering

Do you want to quickly place an order, as you already know the article codes of the spare parts? There are two ways to do this;

  1. Manually enter the article code and quantity.
  2. Upload a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file with the article code and quantity.



Additial Features


Request a quote

We can now process quotes online, products without a fixed price or a blue stock indicator, will have the option to request one.


Service & Inspections can arrange all Kaak Group company service and inspections in one general agreement. This arrangement will cover all agreements for your installations supplied through the Kaak Group. In cases such as this, all correspondence will be centralized. Coupled with this, you will receive one invoice, one agreement, and, where possible one inspection date to minimize the downtime of your production line.

Extended warranty

We can offer our clients extended warranties for your installations in collaboration with the Kaak Group.


Multi-user account

Need to give your employees access to your account with varying permission levels?
A multi-user account on allows you to have this set up with the following permission level variables;

  • Ordering permission
  • Set up maximum spend levels or order numbers
  • Account activity visibility



Improve your team’s development by equipping them with the knowledge they need to be able to service your equipment better. Contact us to discuss the possibilities for training in a variety of areas including the below:

  • Machine operatons
  • HMI use
  • Lubrication procedures
  • Accident and incident training
  • Regular machine maintenance and much more…


Become a Partner

Since launching, we have had resounding feedback from customers saying that they would like to use one easy-to-use platform to manage all. Taking this into consideration, we have launched Become a Partner.
As a partner, you can get all your products and services into the market place, as well as unparalleled access to promote your product to your target market on a revolutionary platform.
For more information visit the website Bakery Support Worldwide

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