Kaak Group UK

Working for …
At Kaak Group UK we see our role as supporting clients by providing the best quality of service and equipment available to the UK bakery market today.

Support for us is about communicating the equipment needs of our clients to our suppliers whilst ensuring that our suppliers meet all those needs as our clients wish.

That support must continue from pre-sale right through to after sales field service by our field engineers and parts supply from, or through, our Milton Keynes head office.

From Silo to Truck
A Kaak Group maxim, but Kaak Group UK, through its membership of the Kaak Group, plus many years experience providing equipment from leading suppliers like Diosna , is able to offer just such a range of equipments whether your need is for a part of, or all of, a bakery facility.

Kaak Group: the best solution for every step in the baking process