Servo-controlled dough dividing since 2006 with the Benier Dough Master

5 Settembre 2018

Gentle, stress-free dividing of your dough.

As we have been making our servo controlled dough divider for over 12 years, the Dough Master is known to be a highly reliable, quality machine. With over 200 machines running in daily operation worldwide we are proud to say that we have proven to be the founding father of this technology in the bakery industry.

As opposed to a conventional divider all the movements of the Dough Master can be individually controlled by their own servo drives, instead of adhering to a fixed sequence due to the use of a crankshaft.

The result of this unique technology is a very gentle, stress-free and precise dividing process, suitable for a wide range of dough consistencies and processes.

This makes the Dough Master one of the most flexible dividers in the market and suitable for nearly any product you produce. We have references all over the world for all kinds of products; pizza, tinbread, rusk, rye bread, panetone or baguettes.

With synthetic pistons, a unique cleaning trolley and a C frame design, the Dough Master not only allows for gentle and stress-free dividing of your dough, but is also easy to clean and maintain.

Dough Master servo-controlled dough dividing by Benier Dough Master servo-controlled dough divider by Benier

Advantages of the servo-controlled dividing process:

  • Reduction of rinse effect
  • The servo technology will let you be able to control the complete process. Instead of cutting dough, you will transfer it from a big chunk into small pieces on a conveyor, stress free and handled with care.
  • The best optimisation of dough input and output, creating the most efficient way of dividing
  • Due to the easy adjustment, you will be able to increase water content of your dough and therefor create more value to your dough.

If you would like to know more and perhaps learn from our long time experience in servo technology, please visit us at our booth in Hall A1.231