Remote Support

3 novembre 2020

Difficult times call for innovative solutions.

Customers often come to our production locations for Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) and at the same time we travel to our customers to carry out installations and service activities. Given the current restrictions on travel we now continuously search for other ways to support our customers and still give them the high-quality service they may expect. Here are some solutions we can offer.


Factory Acceptance Tests

It is important for our customers to see if the line or equipment which they bought meets their expectations. In view of the current situation we perform the FAT at our locations without the customer being present. We film the entire process, and the resulting footage is sent to our customer for assessment. Shipment of the production line or equipment will follow as soon as we receive the customer’s approval.


Installation and service

Despite the travel restrictions installation of new production lines and service work on existing lines of course still must continue.

By working closely together with our customers we now are able to install and perform service remotely. Using their knowledge and database with pictures, videos and drawings, our team of project managers, engineers and production employees guides customers through each step of the installation process.


With the help of a headset with a high-quality camera we are also able to support our customers directly. With this headset the customer can make a connection with our support team. When this connection is established our support team is able to see exactly what the customer sees (remote viewing), and the service request can be discussed. Our support team can then give instructions to solve the issue.

Now but also in the future, these techniques allow us to support our customers faster and give more flexibility to the schedule. It reduces the need to travel, which enables us to contribute to a better environment.


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