Benier Xtrueder ®

With over 130 years of experience and tradition in the design, production and service of bakery machinery Benier has now developed a completly new divider, the Xtrueder ® – patents pending.

The Xtrueder ® is a strong addition to our existing large range of dividers and offers the baker an even wider range of dividing solutions. This divider is suitable for 24/7 production in a demanding industrial environment, due to its robust design and construction.

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Product information Xtrueder:

  • Designed specifically for dough portioning
  • Works oil free
  • Flexible operation with a large range of weights and dough types that can be portioned
  • A very constant product quality is achieved through the high-quality double screw design.
  • Easy to clean
  • The various screws and outfeed nozzles are easy to exchange
  • Constant dough temperature because of the built-in airconditioning
  • Controlled dough inflow from the hopper, assisted by vacuum
  • Adjust the system parameters with an easy accessible operator display



Rye Bread

Tin Bread

Glutenfree Bread


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