Benier Unimoulder

The Benier Unimoulder is especially designed for moulding dough consistencies varying from close to open crumb structures. We also use the unique drum sheeting principle for this moulder. Because of this the dough sheet stays central, hardly shrinks and can be stretched when it releases from the drum. The Teflon sheeting roller is adjustable in height and the sheeting pressure can be controlled pneumatically, in order to adjust the sheet thickness.


Product information Unimoulder:

  • The dynamic infeed rollers allow for perfect centering of the dough and optimise the final uniform shape of the dough loaf
  • The moulding performance is adjustable to the dough consistency:
    • Pneumatical pressure of roller on the dough
    • Opening for moulding defines thickness of sheet
    • Speed of process
  • Quick release concept in order to exchange the lengthening board configuration easily
  • Compact design and easy access for cleaning
  • Benier service box: instruction videos to support you with installation, operation, maintenance and cleaning for a longer lifespan for your machine

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