MCS Swing Tray Proofer

MCS manufactures different kind of proofers:

  • Swing tray proofers, for products on pans/trays/peelboards
  • Stabilised tray proofers, for free-standing products
  • Cradle/basket/swing-cup proofers, for batons, rye bread and pizza dough pieces

The design

  • Complete stainless steel construction and top-quality components
  • Heavy duty sturdy construction
  • Easy access for periodical maintenance and cleaning
  • Automatic chain pneumatic tensioning systems
  • Systems are fully assembled and tested in the factory prior to delivery
  • Hygienic design

The technology

  • Software programmes for recipe management (proofing time, interfaces with other equipment, climatic conditions, alarms management, trends, product tracking, etc.)
  • Exclusive climate installation allows you to keep very accurate climatic conditions throughout the proofer, with ample adjustment possibilities, to maximise product consistency
  • Selection of the most suitable proofer design and introduction of bespoke solutions to meet the customer’s specific requirements
  • Several different loading and unloading systems to suit the different products and types of lines
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