Daub SK 2105- Heating control for boiler plants

SK 2105 is the name of our control system, which is TÜV-tested safety, the latest technology and the highest Provides reliability for heating controls.


The SK 2105 was built specifically for thermal oil heaters and has several safety circuits, which exhaust gas temperature, flow and temperature of the heat carrier, pump pressures, etc. running monitored and the life of the heat carrier is maximally increased.


The oven is connected via fiber optics. The advantage of fiber optics is that up to 550 m Line length, no signal refreshment is required. For this purpose the control has when using several boilers, dynamic heat load distribution. That increase the life of the boiler.

The SK 2105 can be controlled independently as a pure safety chain by your heat consumer, so that the SK 2105 controls the burner. But you can also specify a desired temperature and leave the regulation and control completely to the SK 2105. All common burners are supported, be they 2-stage, stepless ones with a current input- the SK 2105 controlled them all

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