Daub SK1710 – Heating control for boiler plants

SK 1710 is the name of our control unit, which offers safety certified by the TÜV (Germany`s technical Control Board). The latest technology and the highest availability for heating control systems.

The SK1710 was built for thermal oil heaters and has several safety circuits which constantly monitor exhaust temperature, flow and temperature of the heat carrier, pump pressures etc. The SX1710 is perfectly safe and helps to prolong the life of the heat carrier.

We have not only paid the utmost attention to safety, but also to availability. The SK1710 is so conceived that it can also be used in emergency operation mode with limited functionality, until help arrives. Of course the SK1710 has TÜV approval.

The SK1710 also offers a wide range of control options. It can be controlled by your heat recipient purly as a safety chain, allowing you to Control the burner. in this case the SK1710 indepently ansures that safety is guarnteed at all times.

But you can also give the SK1710 a desired temperature and leave Control and Regulation entirely to the SK1710. It can support all customery burners whether they be 2-stage ones, variable ones or ones with power Input. The SK 1710 is able to Control all of them.


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