Benier pizza and flat bread sheeting line

When it comes to choosing a pizza and flat bread sheeting line, DrieM is the answer. The most innovative design, the best dough handling, the easiest to clean, the most friendly HMI, all brought

together giving you the best experience in sheeting pizza and flat bread.


A process suitable for handling a wide range of doughs with full control over size, shape and thickness according to your present and future needs. One can think of Italian or American style pizza’s, as well of gluten free or vegetable style pizza’s (cauliflower), but also of flat breads


Thanks to an absolute minimum in height differences while sheeting, stress and therefor shrinkage of the dough sheet is brought to a minimum.

Excellent weight control can be obtained because of the innovative dough infeed control towards the last reducing station. This works without compromising on the constant product length. The smooth reduction of the dough sheet contributes to the superb quality of your end products.

The amount of rework is minimized by a specially designed rework reduction unit.


High capacity, minimum labour and low maintenance are additional arguments why to choose for a sheeting line process.


In order to produce thin pizzas with a nice rim and an open structure, give them ‘a rest’ in your process using a belt-proofing chamber; tension-free and developed dough will make the difference in your product. The belt-proofer, which is flexible in proofing time, can be equipped with climatization unit and insulated panels.


As an option we offer completely automated flour delivery system to our flour dispenser for full automation.


Products made using the DrieM pizza and flat bread sheeting line



Gluten free Pizza

Want to see our pizza and flat bread sheeting line with your own dough first, to see all the benefits at work?

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