Kaak FPS Robotic scoring system

For some bread types, the top surface of the proven dough has to be cut before the products will enter the oven. The purpose is primarily to control the direction in which the bread will expand during “oven spring.”

This process is known as “scoring”.

Kaak offers Vision guided robotic scoring systems to automate labor-intensive processes and increase line efficiency.

These systems can be offered as stand-alone units in existing production lines, as well as integrated in a turnkey Kaak project.


Vision technology

By means of 3D vision technology a 3D image of all individual products is made.

Position, orientation, height and shapes are identified.

This information is sent to the Robot control system.

robotic cutting and scoring system - Vision technology

Robots and controls

Our 6 axis robots give maximum flexibility on cutting patterns.

The required number of robots needed for a system depends mainly on the throughput, number of cuts and the scoring pattern itself.

By means of the unique Kaak software, the scoring patterns can be easily  programmed in our user friendly an Icon based recipe manager for each product.


Robotic scoring system - screen


The Kaak Load Sharing Software will distribute the products over the scoring robots in such a way that all robots run at the most efficient loads.




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