Kaak FPS Robotic cutting and scoring system

The Kaak robotic cutting and scoring system can make various cutting patterns in your dough and can be integrated in a Kaak line or an existing production line.

The robotic cutting system consists of a transport system, a vision system and 6 Axis robots.

Transport system

Products to be cut can be transported in trays, straps, on peels boards or on a conveyor belt, this all depending on the type of production line. By means of a encoder on the conveyor system, the position of the products will be tracked.


Vision technology

By means of the 3D vision technology a 3D image of all individual products is made to determine the position, orientation and 3D shape of the product.

robotic cutting and scoring system - Vision technology


The 6 axis robots give maximum flexibility on cutting patterns.

The required number of robots needed for a system depends mainly on the throughput, number of cuts and the cutting pattern itself.


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