Benier First Proofer BP

With the First Proofer BP you can give your dough time to develop. This results in a better end product.

Benier offers special models of first proofers to suit small and medium size bakeries. Within the design of the First Proofer BP, we have integrated several features to increase access for cleaning and maintenance. Furthermore, flexibility in first proofing is recognised as an important asset to the modern baker. Together with a number of clever options, we can provide a complete and revolutionary range of first proofers.


Product information First Proofer BP:

  • Flexibility in operation:
    • Possibility to discharge after every cycle, creating flexibility in proof time
    • Frequency control to run the first proofer faster or slower
    • Manually adjustable discharge chute
    • Operation by means of integrated PLC with touch screen panel
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance:
    • Sliding collecting trays in the lower frame of the first proofer
    • Hingeing panels in overhang in order to reach the swings and pockets easily
    • Synthetic discharge box
    • Stainless steel panels with 45º angle preventing flour and/or dust build-up
    • Removable pockets
    • Large sliding windows for clear visibility and accessibility to swings and pockets
  • High performance:
    • In the transfer device (dough ball is positioned to next dough cup), accumulated dough balls are registered with a laser sensor unit
    • Fan at infeed position prevents dough pieces sticking in the pockets directly after infeed
  • Benier service box: instruction videos to support you with installation, operation, maintenance and cleaning for a longer life cycle for your machine


Customer about the First Proofer BP:

Per-Otto from Foodtech Industri: “I was involved in putting the first proofer up, and I have never seen any machine before, where everything fits as good as this one. Just fantastic! Very good work by Benier.”


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