Kaak FPS Pan Storage

In an industrial baking line with more than one pan type, those pans that are not in use must be stored. One of the several storage concepts available is the Gantry Robot System. The system exchanges and stores the different pan types in the baking line completely automatically.

Pans from the previous product are taken in and stacked into the store, whereas pans for the next product are taken from the store and fed into the baking line. Pans are fed in and out on conveyors. A complete row of pans is picked up by means of a large mechanical gripper and is then stored in the appropriate pan position.

Optionally, a pan turner can be installed on the infeed and outfeed conveyor to store all pans up-side-down to prevent contamination inside the pans. The machine’s dimensions are determined by the line capacity, pan sizes, layout, etcetera.


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