Kaak Group Service Multi-X Conveying Belt (MXST)

Multiparts Multi-X

The Multi-X is the new generation of plastic belts that meets today’s requirements. It is a terrific sequel to its predecessors.

The new Multi-X belt meets FDA and CE guidelines and exceeds 100% of all food and safety regulations.

The open position is guaranteed and the special “X-shape” has increased the (finger) safety. The strength in combination with the open structure of 44% is a unique feature.

Multi-X belts offer the following advantages:

  • Silent running
  • Strong, high load, long lifespan (made of POM, blue)
  • Constant and perfect positioning of the transportable product
  • Designed according to international hygienic standards (FDA)
  • Endless belt, low maintenance, simple construction, modular build (no special tools required for maintenance or repair)
  • Safe open structure according to CE regulations
  • Excellent cooling properties

Available belt types

Belt Width in mm
175 MXST175
225 MXST225
325 MXST325
400 MXST400
425 MXST425
500 MXST500
525 MXST525
650 MXST650
700 MXST700
825 MXST825
1000 MXST1000
1300 MXST1300


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