Kaak Group Service Multi-Way Helix Conveyor (MWHC)

The Multi-Way Helix Conveyor has been designed to be used in instances where product flow needs to be maintained despite an area’s spatial limitations. It is extremely versatile and can be applied in a variety of ways, most notably for heavy duty applications and as an effective buffering tool. Notwithstanding, Helix Conveyors fitted with belts with width 225mm-1300mm can convey multiple lanes of products.

The Helix’s robust design takes inspiration from the Multi-Way Curved Spiral Conveyor, known for tight radius, angled construction and strong modular belts. Like its predecessor, the Helix has been designed in the same resilient fashion, and, as is the case with all IConvey equipment, the Helix has an open and easy to clean design, ensuring its suitability in Hygienic environments.


Multi-Way Helix Conveyor

Available belt widths in mm

225 325 400 425 500 525 650 700 825 1000 1175 1300

767 mm

x x x x x x x x x

942 mm

x x x x x


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