Kaak Group Service Multi-Way Flat-top Perforated (MWFP)

Multiparts Multi-Way Flat Top Perforated

Multi-Way belts have been offered by members of the Kaak Group for more than 40 years. The Multi-Way Flat-top Perforated belt is specially designed with its closed structure for conveying small products or for use in environments where manual labor is done at the conveyor. Due to its small openings (32% open), this conveyor can still be used to cool or de-water certain products.

Multi-Way belts offer the following advantages:

  • Silent running
  • Strong, high load, long lifespan (made of Polyamide, blue)
  • Constant and perfect positioning of the transportable product
  • Designed according to international hygienic standards
  • Endless belt, low maintenance, simple construction, modular build (no special tools required for maintenance or repair)
  • CE approved


Available belt types:

Belt Width

in mm

100 MWFM0125
175 MWFM0225
225 MWFM0325
325 MWFM0400
400 MWFM0425
425 MWFM0500
500 MWFM0600
525 MWFM0700
650 MWFM0800
700 MWFM0900
825 MWFM1000
1000 MWFM1100
1175 MWFM1200
1300 MWFM1300


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