Kaak Group Service Multi-Way Curve (MWCU)

Multi-Way Curve belts have been offered by members of the Kaak Group for more than 40 years, mainly in spiral systems for cooling, freezing and proofing.

The Multi-Way Curve belt is specially designed for its very tight radius.

Multi-Way Curve belts provide the following advantages:

  • Open structure with small (5-6 mm) “finger-safe” openings and therefore excellent cooling properties
  • Silent running
  • Strong, high load, long lifespan (made of Polyamide, blue)
  • Constant and perfect positioning of the transportable product
  • Endless belt, low maintenance, simple construction (no special tools required for maintenance or repair)
  • Finger safe and moving through a very tight radius


Available belt widths:

Belt Width in mm Curve inner radius 767 mm Curve inner radius 942 mm
225 MWCU0225R942
325 MWCU0325R767 MWCU0325R942
400 MWCU0400R767
425 MWCU0425R767
500 MWCU0500R767
525 MWCU0525R942
650 MWCU0650R767
700 MWCU0700R767
825 MWCU0825R942
1000 MWCU1000R767 MWCU1000R942
1175 MWCU1175R767
1300 MWCU1300R767
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