Kaak Group Service Multi-Way Curve Spiral Conveyor (MWCS)


The Multi-Way Curved Conveyor can also be executed like a curved spiral conveyor.

With the design of this conveyor it is possible to incline or to decline the conveying height.


This conveyer is equipped with the Multi-Way Curved belt and has the following advantages:

  • Silent running
  • Strong, high load, long lifespan (made out of Polyamide)
  • Suitable for running at high speed
  • Constant and perfect positioning of the conveyed product
  • Endless belt, low maintenance, simple construction, modular built (no special tools required for maintenance or repair)
  • Open structure with small (5-6 mm) “finger safe” openings and therefore excellent cooling properties
  • Moving through very tight radius
  • Hygienic design, no blind spots and barely horizontal surfaces


The Multi-Curve belts are standard available in 45°-90°-180°, left or right turning. The maximum height difference which can be achieved with a 180° curve is 280 mm for curves with a 767 mm inner radius and 340 mm for curves with a 942 mm inner radius. Other angles are possible on request.

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