Multiparts Multi-way Coarse Mesh Straight Conveyor (MWCM)

Conveyors with our Multi-Way straight belts are offered by members of the Kaak Group for use in the bakery industry for cooling, freezing and proofing. In addition, the Multi-Way Coarse Mesh belt is also used in many other industries because of its open design and its strength.

Multi-Way coarse mesh belt conveyors provide the following advantages:

  • Very open structure, excellent cooling properties
  • Silent running
  • Strong, high load, long lifespan (made of Polyamide, blue)
  • Consistent, perfect positioning of the transportable product
  • Endless belt, low maintenance, simple construction, modular build (no special tools required for maintenance or repair)

Multi-Way coarse mesh belt conveyors are available in the following belt widths (mm):
175 – 225 – 325 – 400 – 425 – 500 – 650 – 700 – 825 – 1000 – 1175 – 1300

Type: MWCM- aaaa – bbbb

aaaa = Belt width in mm

bbbb = Length in mm

Example: MWCM-0425-6000 indicating a straight Multi-Way coarse mesh conveyor with a width of 425 mm and a length of 6000 mm.
Standard lengths are available from 500 to 15000, in increments of 500 mm.

Other conveyor dimensions are available upon request.

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