Kaak Group Service Multi-Driven Roller Straight Conveyor (MDRS)

Our Multi-Roller conveyors are offered by members of the Kaak Group for use in the bakery industry for cooling, freezing and proofing. In addition, the Multi-Driven roller straight conveyor can be used in many other industries, due to its strong, simple construction.

Multiparts offers a range of straight-driven roller conveyors, which can be combined with the different curved driven roller and other conveyors in the Multiparts range. The available straight-driven roller conveyors are available in the widths mentioned below.

The straight-driven roller conveyors have the following advantages:

  • Strong, high load, long lifespan
  • Simple construction
  • Each roll driven by chain
  • Motor position underneath conveyor

The Multi-Driven roller straight conveyors are available in the following roller widths (mm):
300 – 400 – 500 – 600 – 700 – 800 – 900 – 1000

Type: MDRS – aaaa – bbbb

aaaa = Conveyor width in mm
bbbb = Conveyor length in mm

Example: MDRS-0400-8000 indicates a straight-driven roller conveyor with a width of 400 mm and a length of  8000 mm.
Standard lengths from 1000 to 10000, with increments of 500 mm.

Other conveyor dimensions are available upon request.


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