Kaak FPS Multi-Deck Cooler

The Multi-Deck Cooler consists of a number of wide bread cooling conveyors, one above the other. The belt type is Kaak Multi-Way, which has a perfect open structure to enhance cooling capacity.

Generally, the width of the system is determined by the width of the oven that is positioned directly in front of this cooler. The number of tiers and the length of each tier are determined by the line capacity (number of products per hour) and the cooling time.

In front of the Multi-Deck Cooler, baked bread is transferred from the oven into the cooler by means of the Oven Unloader Lift. The pattern with which the bread has been baked is maintained inside the cooler.

Behind the Multi-Deck Cooler, the unloading lift brings the cooled bread to the level of the packaging department.

The cooler can be fully enclosed with an insulated housing and provided with climate control, but can also function in an ambient environment.

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