Kaak Group Service Multi-Cord Conveyor (MCOR)

Our Multi-Cord conveyors are offered by members of the Kaak Group for use in the bakery industry for cooling, freezing and proofing. In addition, the Multi-Cord conveyor can be used in many other industries, due to its open construction and long lifespan.


Multiparts offers a range of standalone cord conveyors, which can be combined with the different curved conveyors in the Multiparts assortment. The standard cord conveyors are available in the widths and lengths  below.

Multi-Cord conveyors have the following advantages:

  • Long lifespan
  • Very open construction ideal in strewing environment
  • Constant and perfect positioning of the transportable product
  • Available in different Ø and different types of plastic cord
  • Standard cord Ø 15 mm

Type:  MCOR – aa – bbbb – cccc

aa = Number of cords
bbbb = Conveyor width in mm
cccc = Conveyor length in mm

Example: MCOR-02-600-2000 indicates a cord conveyor with 2 cords, a conveyor width of 600 mm and a length of 1st 2000 mm.

Standard conveyor widths from 100 mm to 1400 mm, with increments of 100 mm.
Standard lengths from 1000 to 4000, width increments of 500 mm.

Other conveyor dimensions are available upon request.

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