Benier Moulder MM600 – ME600

Sticky and very compact dough (for example rye dough) can be processed with the MM600 moulder or ME600 shaping system.

The moulder MM600 has a pair of centering rollers for proper guidance of the dough piece to the moulding rollers. Both the centering and moulding rollers are adjustable and can even be bypassed in case rounded bread has to be produced.

Dough with a high percentage of rye and/or water affects the moulding principle. For these kind of doughs, we have developed the ME600 shaping system. The dough piece is flattened by a pressure roller at the conveyor belt. A frequency-driven conveyor belt over the transport belt shapes the dough piece as desired.

Product information:

  • Flour duster to avoid dough build-up.
  • Various decoration reservoirs available for using different types of seeds.
  • Easily adjustable felt covered lengthening board.
  • Benier service box: instruction videos to support you with installation, operation, maintenance and cleaning for a longer lifespan for your machine.
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