Benier MDD High-Speed Mixer

Benier manufactures a range of Mechanical Dough Developers (MDD) with capacities of up to 350kg of dough per batch. The MDD high-speed mixer was initially developed as an integral cornerstone of the Chorleywood Bread Process. The mixer is most commonly used for sandwich and toast bread products in many parts of the world. It is also used across a product range that includes soft buns, morning goods, cake, batters, donuts, pizzas and even Scotch-pastry.

Kneading with the MDD High-speed mixer can take place under a controlled vacuum or pressure. Due to its bowl and impact plate design it produces a fully developed dough, in a short period of time, with limited heat rise.


MDD high-speed mixer product information:

  • Vertical kneading method using vacuum and/or pressure (recipe parameters).
  • High-speed kneading; capacity of up to 12 batches/hour.
  • The bowl is cooled, using glycol refrigerant.
  • Total system control, when the mixer is combined with top frame (including ingredient weighing and dosing systems).
  • Variable speed drive for soft starting and kneading at different speeds.
  • Easy to operate: Integrated PLC for recipe control: clear man<>machine interface.
  • Liquid track function: the desired weight is set as a percentage of dry ingredient weight.
  • Ergonomic, safe and optimal overview on key positions.
  • Noise level <73 dBA.
  • Bin tipper (optional) for automatic adding of hand ingredients.
  • Easy to maintain:Low pressure hose-down cleaning.
  • Patented Clean In Place (CIP) system for deep cleaning the kneading bowl.
  • Advanced design of the main bearing case, long-life bearings and easily exchangeable seals. Effective control system for seal leakage indication. We guarantee a minimum life time of 2 years on the main bearing case.
  • Polychain carbon composite toothed belt results in zero slip.


Latest News

Bakery de Paauw (the Netherlands) produces a variety of fresh breads for retail. Benier Nederland supplied a high-speed mixer and the installation nearly doubled capacity on the existing area. Recently the following story was published in Baking + Biscuit (please click on image to read).


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