MCS Impingement Oven (IMS)

The MCS impingement oven is an indirectly heated oven.

The oven consists of different modules, each 2 m long; each baking zone consists of one heating module equipped with a burner and heat exchanger, positioned on the top, and one or more neutral modules. Temperature and heat flow are individually controlled in each heating zone.

The MCS Impingement oven can be supplied with different baking conveyors:

  • Wire mesh
  • Stone plate
  • Steel band

Working principle
The combustion gases produced by the burner flow inside the tubes of a heat exchanger and are then exhausted. A high flow centrifugal ventilator sucks the air from the sides of the baking chamber and sends it first through the heat exchanger and then to the plenums inside the baking chamber. The two plenums, positioned above and below the baking conveyor, are equipped with a series of nozzles that deliver a high-speed air flow onto the product. The top/bottom heat distribution is adjustable in each zone.
A damper adjusts the amount of moisture to be exhausted from the baking chamber and the relevant amount of fresh air to be supplied. Upon request, the damper can be controlled via servomotors and each setting can be stored in a configuration management system in the PLC.

Oven insulation
The insulation consists of basalt rockwool, resistant up to 700°C, and special high quality fireproof batting. Insulation thickness can be up to 400 mm.

Oven access
In the standard version, each baking zone is provided with one inspection door with a light located on the control side. Additional inspection doors are available as an option. On the non-operating side, the oven features one cleaning door in every section. For ovens more than 2,000 mm wide, cleaning doors on each side are available.

A user-friendly software system allows maximum flexibility in managing any kind of recipe and gives the end user a broad range of information such as baking diagrams, settings and process parameters, maintenance alerts and alarms.

Product specifications

Baking chambers width 1,000 – 1,800 / 1,800 – 3,000 mm
Baking module length 2,000 mm
Oven sole Wire mesh, stone plate, steel band
Burner power Up to 300 kW
Drive Geared motor, variable speed, automatic tracking system/side chains
Baking time control Ratio up to 1:6


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