Daub Energy Recovery

The process heat system allows both artisanal and industrial bakers to reduce their energy costs. This is achieved by efficient utilisation of the heat produced during the baking process. All heat generators, heat consumers and heat accumulators are coupled to each other in the DAUB process heat system. A closed system is created through which the recovered energy can be made available for all connected consumers in a well dosed manner.




Burner full-economy system Our business partner HTT has supplied the industry for decades with efficient thermal oil technology for process heat generation. HTT has now launched a completely new performance class of heat utilisation with the “Apek”. What was previously available only to big lines can now also be implemented in small lines from 300 kW on with the “Apek”. Using the new full-economy “Apek” system, precious but heretofore unused energy can now be extracted from the exhaust gas and used to pre-heat the firing. This not only saves on combustibles, but also protects the environment. Whenever the heater is in operation, “Apek” guarantees 100% utilisation of the exhaust gas. This delivers exceptional efficiency… and thus a rapid amortisation. The “Apek” has been optimally adapted to HTT’s thermal oil plants and can be retrofitted easily. Efficiency gains of approx. 7% can be achieved in existing lines. As an option, the system can also provide hot water generation, so that nearly all the resulting heat can be used. The “Apek” from HTT naturally meets all the exhaust gas directives.




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