Benier First Proofer Industrial

The Industrial First Proofers from Benier with their modular design are suitable for all industrial bakeries and allow you to bring flexibility in you baking process.

In the design of the Benier Industrial First Proofers, particular attention has been given to creating ideal conditions for dough processing.

Important factors for the realisation of the industrial proofing concept are:

  • Capacity; also significant when selecting the right type of infeed system.
  • First proofing time.
  • Climate control.

Product information Industrial First Proofers:

  • Several infeed systems available, depending on the desired capacity :
    • Single infeed: up to 2,250 pcs./hr.
    • Double infeed: up to 4,500 pcs./hr.
    • Pusher infeed: up to 6,000 pcs./hr.
    • Pusher HCI infeed: up to 9,000 pcs./hr.
  • Our pusher (HCI) infeed systems are able to push up to 12 dough pieces into the first proofer simultaneously.
  • Proofer design; modular system using high-quality materials
  • Various discharge systems available
  • Climate control to improve the quality of the final product
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