Benier sheeting line for cut & moulded products

In recent years DrieM has developed reference lines which are the base of our product range. The reference lines can each create a specific range of products. This DrieM line is a dough sheeting line able to produce a wide range of “cut” and “moulded” products.

In addition to the products made on a DrieM dough sheeting line for cut products, moulded products can also be created on a DrieM dough sheeting line for cut and moulded products. These products range from small petit pains, a full sized baguette, a baton or bloomer.


Products made with the DrieM line for cut and moulded products


Moulded loafs


Multigrain squares and triangles


Product capabilities of the DrieM Dough sheeting line

Cut products

Diamond roll, Diamond bread, Diammond rustic bread Seeded Diamond roll, Seeded Diamond bread, Seeded Diammond rustic bread Triangle Ciabatta, Triangle bread, Triangle Sandwino Scones

Moulded products

Rustic baguette Baguette Bloomer Moulded loaf Petit pain

With a DrieM dough sheeting cut and mould line you are able to create a wide variety of products with the possibility to create an open and fine cell structure inside. Products like large and open ciabatta or something completely different like a freestanding loaf with seeds and finer crumb. DrieM dough sheeting lines will allow you to use a range of doughs, ranging from a low to high percentage of liquid ingredients, inclusions like fruits and much more.


Very open structure

Fine structure

Both structures can be achieved using the DrieM sheeting equipment.


Pictures of the DrieM line for cut and moulded products

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