Benier Dough Assist Basic

The Dough Assist Basic is a universal, single pocket divider that is suitable for a wide range of dough processes. The Dough Assist Basic is durable, dough friendly, hygienic and ergonomic in use.
Because of the adjustable suction-volume and the regressive springs for the suction-piston and knife the dough is divided very gently and very accurately.
As standard the Dough Assist Basic comes with a frequency controlled drive, full stainless steel exterior, Teflonized® hopper and hopper foot, integrated electrical cabinet and oil reservoir.


Features of the Dough Assist Basic

High performance

  • Teflonised stainless steel 60 litre hopper
  • Single pocket Nickel resistant mechanism
  • Crankshaft driven movements with a frequency controlled variable speed drive
  • Integrated oil tank (stainless steel) including gauge and minimum oil level sensor with acoustic signal
  • Mechanical stroke counter

Easy to operate

  • Adjustable suction volume
  • Manual weight adjustment
  • Long side leading outfeed of dough pieces

Easy to clean and maintain

  • Mounted on wheels so you can easily roll the machine away for cleaning or maintenance
  • Knife, main piston and dividing piston are easy to remove for cleaning


  • Emergency stop on operator panel
  • Safety ring on hopper
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