MCS Direct Gas Fired Oven (DHR – DHP)

The direct gas fired oven is used for baking products which require high temperatures, often above 400°C. This oven is suitable for the production of pizza, flatbread and other similar products.

The oven is made up of different heating modules, each 2 m long; each baking zone consists of multiple heating modules.

The MCS Direct Gas Fired oven can be supplied with different baking conveyors:

  • Wire mesh
  • Stone plate
  • Steel band

Working principle
Heat is generated by ribbon gas burners placed directly inside the baking chamber, above and below the baking conveyor.
The baking conveyor is pre-heated by dedicated burners; the effectiveness of the pre-heat is particularly important in this type of oven, as the short baking time requires an immediate heat transfer from the conveyor to the product.
Each burner can be equipped with its own inverter and ventilator and the power can be adjusted with a ratio 1:3 in order to obtain the most suitable baking diagram.
A central PLC allows individual selection of each burner for optimal settings in each zone.

Oven insulation
The insulation consists of basalt rockwool, resistant up to 700°C and special high quality fireproof batting. Insulation thickness can be up to 400 mm to minimise the loss of heat.

Oven access
On the non-operating side, the oven features one cleaning door in every section.

Our range foresees widths from 0.8 m up to 2.8 m.

Exhaust and steam suction can be adjusted according to the product.

A user-friendly software system allows maximum flexibility for managing any kind of recipe and gives the end user a broad range of information such as baking diagrams, settings and process parameters, maintenance alerts and alarms.

Product specifications

Baking chamber width 800 – 2,800 mm
Baking module length 2,000 mm
Oven sole Wire mesh, stone plate, steel band
Burner power Up to 40 kW
Drive Geared motor, variable speed, automatic tracking system/side chains
Baking time control Ratio up to 1:6
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