Benier Breadcrumb & Crouton lines

Always tasty & crispy


Your customers expect a certain quality in taste, texture, crispiness and consistency from your food coatings. The Kaak Group has extensive knowledge of the production processes of dough products and can thus help you with a total solution for your breadcrumb and crouton production; starting with high-speed mixer. This mixer can process dough with a very low percentage of water and a low amount of yeast.

The Kaak Group dough make-up lines are specially developed to process this dough. Together with the Kaak Group Proofers and ovens this will result in shorter drying times, but still creating the same crispy flavourful breadcrumbs and croutons you are used to. Saving on time and money in the process.

Create crispy, crunchy and flavoursome food coatings with the
Kaak Group lines for breadcrumbs, breaders and croutons.


The Kaak Group breadcrumb & crouton lines in short give you:

  •     Dough with low water percentages
  •     Consistent quality
  •     High efficiency
  •     Complete automation, no operator necessary
  •     Over 120 years of experience and knowledge with dough products
  •     Even crumb colour


The Kaak Group systems for breadcrumbs & croutons set the standard for quality and consistency in breadcrumb production. See the results for yourself! We can perform tests with your breadcrumb recipes on our machines in the Kaak Group Technology Center. Contact us for more information or to schedule a test!

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