MCS Bakemaster Oven (BMR – BMP)

The MCS Bakemaster tunnel oven is suitable for hearth-baked products as well as for baking on pans and trays or in tins and moulds.

The MCS Bakemaster can be supplied with different baking conveyors:

  • Wire mesh
  • Stone plate
  • Steel plate
  • Cross bars

The oven is a combination of various modules (4.5-6-7.5 meters) assembled according to product and customer requirements. Baking zones of various sizes can be combined to achieve an ideal baking diagram. The modular design also allows maximum flexibility when choosing oven layout and dimensions.

A high-efficiency air distribution system maximises the heat transfer to the product by radiation. Additional heat transfer can be obtained in the form of forced convection heating from a turbulent air system which blows hot air through the baking chamber; the flow of this turbulent air can be reversed. The oven’s extremely compact design is specifically intended to facilitate the installation of the proofer and other units above the oven itself when space constrains so require.

Low energy consumption
The Bakemaster’s innovative design and precise insulation result in very low energy consumption. Special care has been given to the design of a virtually “sealed” heating system, to exploit heat inside the oven and maximise heat transfer. These features make the Bakemaster one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly ovens on the market.

Baking flexibility
In the design stage, baking flexibility is achieved by carefully selecting the optimum modular layout in order to match the fundamental baking requirements of both customer and product. Whichever modular layout you choose, by regulating the flow of the heating gas in the heat exchangers, you can adjust the baking temperature profile over a wide spectrum, giving the Bakemaster impressive flexibility. The Bakemaster oven can therefore easily be adapted for baking a wide range of products, such as:

  • Rolls, hearth-baked and in pans or trays
  • Bread, hearth-baked and in tins
  • Cakes
  • Pizza (various types)
  • Confectionery products

Temperature and humidity can be controlled by means of dampers. Automatic recipe control is available on all Bakemaster ovens.

A user-friendly software system provides maximum flexibility in managing any kind of recipe and gives the end user a broad range of information, such as baking diagrams, settings and process parameters, maintenance alerts and alarms.

Product specifications

Baking chambers (standard sizes) 2,000 / 2,300 / 2,500 / 3,000 / 3,750 / 4,000 / 4,300 mm
Baking chamber lengths Modular sections up to 60 meters
Oven sole Wire mesh, stone plate, steel plate, cross bars
Oven load Up to 120 kg/m2
Drive Geared motor, variable speed, with automatic tracking system
Baking time control Ratio up to 1:10


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