Benier Baguette line

Technically and technologically satisfying the rising demand for flavor-rich premium baguettes of various shapes, weights and sizes.

Paraphrasing the slogan “Taste Needs Time”, this involves introducing additional relaxation and resting phases at various points in the baguette production process. Obviously introducing time and thus fermentation implies the necessity for extremely gentle processing.

The process can start with bulk fermentation or bowl-resting which is commonly used for the production of “premium” baguettes. For the most sensitive doughs the Benier servo driven Dough Master Divider then gently divides the dough. This divider, like the rest of the line, handles this pre-fermented dough and copes with its higher water content and developed gasses without the use of excessive flour during the process.

Apart from bowl-resting another method of introducing time into the process is increasing the resting time in the intermediate proofer. Benier’s modular and hygienic intermediate proofers give flexibility in dwell times by making use of early discharge valves. Due to the modular set-up, pre-proofing time can be increased up to an hour at different capacities. But keeping the possibility to exit after shorter proofing times.

Ultimately customers may even choose to proof and mould their delicate “premium” baguettes in 2 or 3 stages depending on the production of full or partial baguette sizes. For this purpose, Benier has introduced a newly developed additional swing-tray proofer which is positioned after the first moulding stage. During this first moulding/extending stage the dough piece is moulded to approximately 50-70% of the final length of the baguette.

To relieve stress and introduce additional resting time the pre-moulded dough piece then passes through the modular swing-tray proofer. Similar to the intermediate proofer this swing-tray proofer is constructed in a modular way and equipped with early discharge valves.

It is after this second proofing stage that the dough piece is extended to its final length on an extender. This extender optionally can be equipped with cutting and strangling devices for partial baguette sizes. In that case a third and final extension (by pressure boards) will follow.

The second extender comes in two variants, both freshly redesigned and complying with the highest hygiene standards.

Variant 1, specifically designed for the most delicate doughs, consists of a roller deck and a Centering Calibration Device (CCD). The roller deck gently lengthens the dough with rollers increasing in speed going outwards. The CCD calibrates the length (both lengthening and shortening), gives feedback to the roller deck and also centers the dough pieces for optional cutting and strangling.

Variant 2 is suited to process more “green” doughs and comes with the option of one, two or three pressure boards.

Even a combined set-up between variant 1 and variant 2 is possible enabling the production of the widest variety of dough consistencies on one single line.

In short the Benier Modular Design “Premium” Baguette line offers:

    • The gentlest processing of the widest range of dough consistencies in the market
    • Ultimate freedom in resting times
    • The widest range of capacities possible


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