Kaak FPS Automatic scoring systems

Using Kaak automatic scoring systems, you can eliminate the human factor and therefore reduce cost and safety issues, and increase quality and efficiency of your production line.

Automated scoring solutions according to the highest industry performance and hygienic standards.

Advantages automatic scoring systems

  • For a large variety of breads, dough
  • types and hydrations;
  • High capacity precision cuts;
  • Consistent scoring positioning and depth;
  • Suitable for widest range of dough types, product shapes/ orientation,  scoring patterns and hydrations
  • Limited human resources;
  • Reduced labour costs;
  • 24/7 operation;
  • High product output;
  • High machine availability;
  • Reproducible quality;
  • Low cost of ownership;
  • Quick ROI;
  • Tailor made setup;
  • Reduced risk of accidents;
  • Improved hygiene;
  • No human contamination;

Suitable for a wide range of products

Automatic scoring systems overview

Automatic scoring - Linear XY System

Lineair XY scoring systems ​

Automatic scoring - robot system

3D vision guided robotic scoring systems ​

  • High output​
  • Robust, proven technology​
  • Low products variation​
  • Fixed product position and orientation​
  • Compliant with the strictest hygiene standards​
  • Build according to the highest industry standards
  • Robot (6 axis) allows for extremely flexible setup (shape, angle, position, contour) ​
  • Randomly positioned products, freestanding​
  • User friendly HMI (recipe management)​
  • Highest reproducibility ​
  • Changes to cutting pattern at the touch of a button​
  • Compliant with the strictest hygiene standards​
  • Build according to the highest industry standards​  ​


Interested to find out your return on investment? Or want to see all the benefits of the Kaak scoring systems at work with your own dough? Contact us to make an appointment and find out more!

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