Benier Allround

The Benier Allround is a universal machine for rounding of various types of dough: from stiff pizza dough to long prefermented high-hydrated soft artisan doughThe
Benier Allround is suitable for various types of dough consistency in many weight ranges.

The design ensures smooth processing of the dough into an even round ball of dough. All-round: the name says it all.

Product information Benier Allround:

  • Light weight construction to recuce wear
  • The tracks and cone are coated with a multi-layered, high quality Teflon.
  • Special seals between the cone and tracks reduce dough damage, chipping and prevent damage to the cone.
  • The shape of the tracks allows for smooth rounding of the dough.
  • The dough pieces change orientation several times in the tracks, providing the best rounding effect.
  • The rounder can be equipped with a range of accessories, including an output conveyor, oil sprayers or sprinklers for water, synthetic grooves for improved grip, air fans, etc.
  • Benier service box: video instructions to facilitate the installation, cleaning and maintenance, to Ensure a long lifetime of you machine.

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