Daub Heat Exchanger – horizontal / vertical

The heart of the line: thermal oil boiler for single, tandem and triple installation – horizontal / vertical version 

Daub offers a wide range of proven heat exchanger types at the highest technical level- for optimising the system according to your individual demands.

The Thermal Oil Heating System uses energy efficiently and successfully while baking. Daub sets trends in developing ovens based on the Thermal Oil Heating System. The heat exchanger and oven can placed separately or can be combined and installed according to the customer’s individual requirements. Smooth heat transfer plus a stable baking curve guarantee an equal and consistent baking result – always top quality. Choosing Daub is choosing success and satisfaction.

Counting on economy and the enviroment

The Daub Thermal Oil Heating System guarantees optimal heat transfer through its radiant heat. Stable baking curves and an absolutely even temperature distribution result in reproducible baking results. The Thermal Oil Heating System operates highly economically. Easy handling, an efficiency of 87 percent and low baking losses are advantages which reduce production costs significantly. This is therefore an environmentally friendly solution. Excellent results are guaranteed: products baked in Daub Thermo Oil ovens are always in pole position. This provides maximum performance – every time.

The principle of the Daub Thermo Oil System is similar to that of a hot-water central heating system. The compact heat exchanger unit is delivered fully assembled. It consists of a single or double coil in order to reach maximum power using gas, oil or electricity. The thermal oil is transferred to the particular circuits of radiators and ovens precisely through temperature-controlled valves. Components with low maintenance and high resistance to wear guarantee a long service life.

Your benefits

  • The boiler plants have an extremely high efficiency level of 87%. Reduce your energy costs.
  • Separate installation of oven and boiler plant. Reduce the noise level and space requirement and heat radiation into the production zone.
  • Using the burner’s full economy system, efficiency can be increased by more than 5%. Save on energy recovery by not consuming energy.
  • Simple handling and line execution reduce maintenance costs and sources of error. Reduce your costs.
  • Components are from renowned manufacturers only. We use only the best. You receive quality, not compromises.
  • Service warranty 24/7. The best boiler plant is only as good as its maintenance record. Play it safe. Use our worldwide web of service stations and increase your operating safety.



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